Have you found a cat? or Has a Cat found You?

If a cold, hungry cat or kitten shows up at your door, please don't shoo her away. Offer food, a little at a time, fresh water to drink, shelter and warmth. If you have companion animals and you are concerned that the stray cat may be sick, keep it isolated from the others. Call the Cat Shelter to see if the cat has been reported missing. The Cat Shelter maintains a Lost & Found Cat Registry. It's a great feeling to help reunite a lost companion animal to its family!

Sadly, most found cats are abandoned family pets. If you decide to offer a permanent home, great! (and remember to spay or neuter) If not, there are alternatives. Ask friends and family if anyone would welcome a new companion. (Be sure the new home is a caring, responsible one.) If there is no alternative, call The Cat Shelter at 468-4648 for advice. The Cat Shelter is here as a last resort.